Custom Design

The design process is exceptionally exciting because 

this is when all of your dreams start coming true. 

The most important part of any project is the design. Without this, nothing else can happen. We take the time to consult with the client and develop the project so every aspect is covered. Budget and schedule are always kept in mind.

Once the concept is approved we involve our architects and engineers to develop preliminary drawings for the client's approval.  We strive to make the design and build process as stress free and fun as possible. Therefore, the Design/Build enables the construction process to run smoother and more become more affordable.

Advantages of the Design/Build process include:

  • The owner saving significant amounts of time and money.
  • Projects can be designed and built quicker and in a more cost effective manner.
  • Budgets, procurement of materials, and scheduling can begin before the final design work and documents are completed.
  • Owners can have more input into the design and construction phase of the project.
  • Timely informed construction decisions are always forthcoming.
  • Subcontractors become a member of the team early in the construction process.

The design process is the same, whether it’s a new build or renovation. After an initial phone consultation, Toms Contracting Inc. will visit the site or to the home and find out more about the homeowner. This conversation will answer the following questions:

  •       Know who makes the decisions and how they are going to make them
  •       Know the scope of work
  •       Know the timeline – and make sure it’s realistic
  •       Know the budget

With this information in hand, we can start looking around the site or home and create a design agreement. Once a design is finalized, a schedule is set, and construction contract is signed, we are ready to go.